Friday, October 2, 2009

So Long My Friend

I will see you again
I am so sorry you have to leave
I will remember the joy you brought to my life
I will cherish your unconditional love forever
For now my dear sweet innocent Toby
This is for you
I will see you again

     In the early hours of October 1st, my cat Toby passed on. He came to me seven years ago as a rescue cat. It took almost five months of medication and tons of TLC until he was as good as new. Toby fit in well with my other two cats, Sophia and Cece. A talkative cat, he ruled the house and became a protective watch-cat. The thing about animals that are rescued is that they are ultimately loyal and forever grateful.

     Toby was between fifteen and twenty years old. He was a survivor. I will surely miss him as I do Cece, who passed on in May 2008. His ashes will join hers and Xena's, who passed on in November 2002.